Majestic boards

Majestic Boards x Escooter Clinic

At Escooter Clinic, we are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with emerging electric longboard maker, Majestic Boards. This collaboration has established Escooter Clinic as the exclusive distributor of Majestic Boards products in the UK, further expanding our range of cutting-edge personal transportation devices.

Majestic Boards has gained international recognition for their innovative, high-performance, and bespoke electric longboards. Combining sleek design, advanced technology, and top-quality materials, each longboard is handcrafted to ensure the highest level of quality. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Majestic Boards has the perfect electric longboard to elevate your riding experience.

Handcrafted with love.

Majestic Boards' handcrafted approach to design and production ensures that every part of the electric longboard is made with the highest quality materials.

Their bespoke process tailors each longboard to the rider's specific needs and preferences, resulting in optimal performance and comfort. From the deck to the wheels, every aspect of the electric longboard is crafted with precision and attention to detail. This focus on quality and customization has made Majestic Boards a sought-after brand in the electric longboard industry.

By prioritizing function and aesthetics, they create a truly unique and superior riding experience.

Go anywhere!

Majestic Boards are designed to be ridden everywhere, with a focus on providing a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

Their bespoke craftsmanship and high-performance components make each electric longboard optimized for carving, cruising, and gliding through any terrain.

Whether you're exploring the city streets or cruising along scenic paths, Majestic Boards provide a smooth ride and effortless carving ability. With superior traction and stability, riders can tackle hills and rough terrain with ease, making Majestic Boards a versatile and dependable option for any riding adventure.

Majestic Supreme 6500W

Majestic Supreme electric longboard is an exceptional machine with immense power, impressive parameters, and exceptional control precision.

The 2 in 1 set comes with street and terrain wheels for customization depending on the riding style and surface.

With 6500W motors and range up to 70km, the board is designed to ride on any surface with ease. The trucks' low embedding improves stability, while the increased deck surface and concave add to the rider's comfort and safety.

Majestic electric longboards use high-quality materials and components, with original Sony cells and wiring for superior performance. The innovative design of the trucks provides exceptional smoothness and stability, with a unique ride feeling. The remote control displays current speed, distance traveled, battery power, and charge levels.

The exceptional and unique design of the board makes it stand out among electric vehicles worldwide.

Majestic Surfer 97

The Surfer 97 electric longboard is a perfect combination of the proven and popular specs of the Surfer deck with the longer deck of the Supreme model.

The board has a wider and longer deck suitable for taller riders and a larger concave that makes it easier to carve. All electronics are hidden in the deck, making the board sleek and slim.

The board comes with two sets of wheels, street and terrain, allowing you to easily adapt to any road conditions.

The 2700W motors allow you to reach speeds of up to 55 km/h and overcome rises up to 30%. The board also features an IP44 degree of protection, ensuring its durability and longevity.

With a range of up to 55 km on a single charge, short charging time, and a long battery life cycle, this board is perfect for any rider who wants power, control, and versatility.