Warranty and terms of service of physical store

  •  Comprehensive Warranties

    We offer a 6-month warranty on all spare parts and accessories, and a 12-month warranty on all scooters, unless otherwise stated. Shop with us and enjoy peace of mind!

  •  Wide Coverage

    Our warranty covers all manufacturer defects. You're assured that your investment is protected against manufacturing mishaps.

  •  Repair Warranty

    With us, you get a 6-month warranty on most repairs and spare parts fitted. This means our commitment to you continues even after your purchase!

  •  Expert In-store Support

    When you shop in our physical store, you receive immediate, expert assistance and advice. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure you choose the right product to suit your needs.

Warranty Terms for purchased items

Warranty length

  1. All spare parts and accessories sold by us have 6 months warranty

  2. All scooters sold by us have got 12 months warranty UNLESS stated otherwise in the description, then the description specifies the length of the warranty.

Who is covered?

The person that has originally purchased the item from us. The warranty is not transferable or can’t be traded in for cash/vouchers/store credit.

What is covered by the warranty?

We cover all manufacturer defects. Escooter Clinic WILL NOT COVER:

Wearing parts listed below but not limited to:
  • Brake pads
  • Tyres
  • Tubes
  • Rubber parts

Misused items will not be covered. Every single part/scooter purchased from Escooter Clinic has to be maintained and can’t be used in WET conditions. Any damage resulting due to water ingress (Unless the product is clearly labeled as waterproof) will not be covered by the warranty.

Non maintained, abused, items after an accident, any damage not resulting in normal wear and tear will NOT be covered and will lead to a LOSS of the warranty. The product to maintain the warranty MUST be serviced by Escooter Clinic, any attempts of fixing, or disassembling the product by the customer will VOID the warranty.

If you notice that the product is faulty STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. Further use of a faulty/damaged product can lead to the warranty being voided. Escooter Clinic will not be held liable for extended damages due to improper use.


Escooter Clinic gives a warranty of 6 months for most of the repairs and spare parts fitted


  • If the scooter was water damaged, and the customer didn't decide to replace all of the parts that were in contact with water
  • Wearable parts like tyres, inner tubes, puncture repairs, rubber grips etc.
  • Trying to carry out repairs on your own will void the warranty with Escooter Clinic
  • For the warranty to be granted all repairs have to be done by Escooter Clinic



Arranging the parts/scooter to be brought to our store

If the item has been purchased/repaired in our local store, then the customer is responsible for bringing the item back to our store for us to assess it and carry the warranty checks/repairs.

Scooters, spare parts, and repairs.

If the product that has been assessed by Escooter Clinic will be found in violation of the warranty then the customer may be requested to cover costs of the checkup (completely at the discretion of Escooter Clinic).