Escooter Clinic Limited

  •  Experience & Passion

    Here at Escooter Clinic, we're more than just skilled technicians. We're certified experts, deeply passionate about all things e-mobility. We stay ahead of the curve, continually updating our knowledge with the latest industry technologies and trends. You can rest assured knowing your PEV is being cared for by the most skilled and dedicated hands in the business.

  •  All-Inclusive Services

    At Escooter Clinic, we offer a vast array of services to cater to all your PEV needs. From routine tyre changes and water damage repair to advanced motor rewiring and brake maintenance, we cover all aspects of e-mobility care and servicing. We're your ultimate destination for comprehensive PEV care.

  •  Personalised Approach

    We believe your e-mobility vehicle should be an extension of your individuality. Therefore, Escooter Clinic offers a variety of customisation and upgrade options. Together, we can make your PEV as unique and dynamic as you are.

  •  Reliable & Trusted

    We've built a solid reputation within the PEV community as a reliable and trustworthy service provider. At Escooter Clinic, we stand behind our work and prioritise customer satisfaction, reinforcing our commitment to delivering top-quality services. Trust us to uphold the highest standards of service and care for your e-mobility needs.

Your Assistance, Our Priority

At Escooter Clinic, we're here to help you navigate your e-mobility journey.

Whether you have questions, enquiries, or need assistance with any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to provide you with the necessary support and information.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we're committed to providing prompt and comprehensive responses to all your queries.
Let's ride this journey together - get in touch with us today!


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Phone : +44 2037613762

E-mail : [email protected]

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TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@escooterclinic

Full name: Escooter Clinic

Address: 346 Caledonian Road , N1 1DU London ( GREAT BRITAIN )

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346 Caledonian Road

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