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Escooter Clinic Limited

B2B Wholesale: Comprehensive Range of Electric Scooter and PEV Parts

At Escooter Clinic, we specialise in electric scooter parts wholesale and PEV parts wholesale, providing businesses with a comprehensive range of quality e-mobility vehicles and components.

Our inventory includes everything from fundamental components like screws and electronic parts to larger elements such as tyres, brake pads, and frames.

Moreover, for businesses aiming to customise or upgrade Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs), we offer a range of specialised parts, each carefully chosen based on our vast experience as both technicians and enthusiasts.

Our product range features well-established brands like Xiaomi, Kugoo, Dualtron, and Ninebot, among others. Additionally, catering to niche markets and enthusiasts, we also stock parts for more specialist brands. This ensures that we can meet the diverse needs of all businesses, whether they deal in mainstream or more enthusiast-grade products.

Our UK-based distribution centre guarantees swift nationwide delivery, while our extensive EU-wide network allows us to meet your business needs no matter where you are located. Coupled with our competitive pricing, we serve as a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

While you're waiting for your account to be activated, or if you're an individual customer:


  •  Wide Parts Selection

    Enjoy the convenience of our extensive selection of quality e-mobility vehicles and components.

  •  Brands Diversity

    Choose from mainstream brands like Xiaomi, Kugoo, Dualtron, and Ninebot, as well as niche, enthusiast-grade offerings.

  •  Fast EU/UK Delivery

    Our UK-based distribution centre and expansive EU-wide network ensure your orders are delivered quickly, wherever you're located.

  •  Competitive pricing

    Leverage our competitive pricing structure, designed to provide a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Repair centre & warranty coverage for your business:

  •  Dedicated Repair Centre

    Count on our dedicated repair centre for comprehensive diagnostics, repairs, and preventative maintenance for your brand's e-scooter fleet.

  •  Certified Technicians

    Rest assured with our highly qualified technicians who are up-to-date with the latest e-scooter repair technologies.

  •  Authorised OEM Repair Centre

    We are an authorised OEM repair centre, providing genuine parts and official workshop warranties.

  •  Warranty Coverage

    Enjoy peace of mind with our extensive warranty coverage that ensures ongoing support for your business.

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